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Have a Balanced Diet For Peak Performance in Sports

As much as athletes would want to tweet their diet for peak performance in sports, it is important to bear in mind the concept of a balanced diet. A balanced diet is one which incorporate all major food classes so that the body can function in an optimal level. The major food classes are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, water, vitamins and fiber.

Carbohydrates are the basic energy fuel that the body requires to fuel its daily activities. They are mainly derived from staples like rice, bread, pasta, wheat, cereal, etc. In general, this food class should form the bulk of the daily consumption of food. A diet lacking in carbohydrate will result in the body using other classes of food like protein and fats for energy fuel. This can result in a depletion of the other food class for other important bodily functions.

One of these function is for growth and repair of body muscles and tissues. This is accomplish by utilization of proteins that the body gets from the ingestion of meat and dairy products. In the case for an athlete, a lot of growth and restoration of body tissues is happening as a result of of intense and sustained training for peak performance in sports. Having a protein rich diet is also important for the sustenance of training. Typically, protein consumption should form about 30% of the daily diet.

Fats, as negatively viewed so often, is also necessary in a balanced diet. Many functions of the body are actually enhanced because of the presence of fats in the body system. For example, some hormones are known to use fats as a solvent in the body system. But this food class should be the lowest in terms of volume in the daily diet. Fats comes from cooking oil, animal and even vegetable fats found in foods.

Most of the minerals and vitamins that are essential elements in body functioning can be found in a large variety of food. But the bulk of all these elements are found in vegetables and fruits. These class of foods also form the necessary fiber that is important to fulfill ilimoww processes in the body. Vegetables and fruits should form the second largest by volume of consumption in a balanced diet.

Finally, water is also important in a balanced diet for peak performance in sports. Our body is 70% liquid. This can be lost through exercise and daily activities. The hydration of the body is essential for the numerous physiological functions of the body.

The food pyramid here summarizes the idea of a balance diet. Without which, optimal body functioning will not be possible. And when this is so, peak performance in sports will also be difficult.

Jimmy Tong has been a Physical Educator for 13 Years in Singapore, with degree in sports science and physical education from Loughborough University in UK. He has extensive coaching experience in soccer, floorball and rugby teams in Singapore Schools.He is currently a sports development officer in Singapore schools as well as an active contributor of sports training articles to improve sports performance in athletes. He hopes to enable people’s success to come by inspiring them with true sports motivational and inspirational stories.

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