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The Three Key Attributes of Successful Sports Coaches

Sports coaches often have a lot that is asked of them, not only are they there to train players and athletes but they need to be a lot of other things too in order to be a success. A good sports coach is not just the coach who has the most successful team. In many cases a sports coach will be aiming to have a team of players that enjoy the sport they’re playing.

There are many things that a great sports coach needs to be but in this article I am going to cover just four of the key areas which you need to excel at in order to be highly regarded:

A teacher

When starting a sports team or teaching young athletes initially you will be teaching your team the basics of the game. Much of this will be explaining the rules and starting to assess which player works best in each position on the pitch or court. The key point to remember when becoming a coach is that you need to be an understanding teacher to your athletes. If there is a problem or an athlete doesn’t understand where they are going wrong, yelling at them is not going to help matters but taking time to explain boo furniture where they’re going wrong will.

A leader

Obviously any team needs a leader and the coach should be a source of inspiration for the team and help drive them to success. Without a leader any team will suffer from a lack of purpose or direction. In sports the leader needs to inform the team of strategies, formations and other tactics that will help them succeed. A manager that is unable to do this will soon see their team look to him or her for answers and when they don’t get any then the team as a whole will suffer.

A Competitor

First and foremost the coach needs to have a desire to win; a defeatist coach will not inspire his or her team to aspire to greatness. Quite often a team’s players will look to their coach for help or advice. If they show little passion or drive then the players may think that if the coach isn’t bothered then why should we? On the other side of competitive spirit you should also be gracious in victories and defeats. Maintaining a professional approach to your games will show your team how they should behave and conduct themselves.

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