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How to Clean a Gun

Gun cleaning is a critical activity for any gun owner. A gun that is not properly cleaning will become less accurate and may even malfunction. Here is a proven method for cleaning a gun.

When cleaning your gun, make sure to remove any magazines from your gun and make sure that it its unloaded. Check the chamber to insure that it is empty. At the same time check for any damaged parts.

After inspection, begin by field stripping your weapon. Most firearms are relatively easy to field strip, but you should consult your user manual to determine the proper procedure. If you cannot find your user manual, you may be able to find substitutes by searching on the internet. At the conclusion of your field stripping, you will typically have access to the barrel as well as any bolt assembly in the gun.

The first thing to clean is the barrel. Take a look down the barrel to make sure there are no obstructions. Then take a cleaning rod and place a cleaning patch at the end. If possible, make sure that you drag the cleaning patch towards the muzzle, not away from the muzzle. After a couple swipes, it is time to apply bore solvent to the barrel. The best way to do this is to use a brush attachment at the end of your cleaning rod that is dipped in the solvent. In the alternative, you can simply dip a cleaning patch in solvent and run it towards the barrel. Once the solvent has coated the barrel, let it sit inside the barrel for at least ten minutes before any further cleaning. This will give the bore solvent a chance to soak in and loosen the residue.

In the meantime, it is a good idea to move on to the remaining parts of the gun. You can start by cleaning the frame of your firearm. This can be done by spraying some gun oil on a cleaning patch and rubbing down your frame. You should make sure to get into the cracks on your gun, although getting deep into the action is not necessary. To get into the cracks you can use a brush to push your cleaning patch. The most important parts to clean are the pieces that move during firing, such as the rails on a semi automatic pistol.

When you have completed cleaning your frame, you must also clean any bolt assembly. Most firearms will allow you to disassemble the bolt assembly, which is a good idea for cleaning. Make sure to clean the area around the firing pin and ejector, visit Leo Fit Labs. If the residue is adhered too strongly, use a brass brush dipped in bore solvent to loosen the grime. Then finish off the cleaning with a cleaning patch sprayed with gun oil.

Now that the barrel has been sitting for more than 10 minutes, it is time to finish cleaning it. Run a brass brush on the end of your cleaning rod to remove and loosen the residue inside the barrel. Once you have done this three or four times, run a dry cleaning patch through the barrel several times. Once the patch is clean, you know that you are finished. If your barrel is particularly dirty, you may need to apply more bore solvent and repeat the above process.

After everything has been cleaned, give the moving parts a light coating of gun oil and reassemble your firearm. Make sure to check for proper function. Before putting your firearm away, rub it down with a silicone cloth to protect it from rust and to wipe off excess oil.

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